How does ordering a Mandala work?

If a Mandala caught your attention on the website, you can order the Mandala by contacting me directly here. You can also email me if you prefer:

Shipping information

The mandalas are carefully packed in cloth and protective packaging before shipping to ensure their original state.

Once you have provided the address, the mandala you have ordered will be sent to you via post. If happen to be in the same region, I am more than happy to meet you and give it to you personally!

  • In cases where the Mandala is available, it will be sent to you within 3 working days by post. The delivery time will depend on the service of the post company. Past experience was around 7 days wait until the Mandala had arrived its new home.
  • In cases where you have ordered a Mandala which has to be newly created just for you (how exciting for you and for me!!), please allow some time for the colours to set and for the lines to be drawn. I will be contact with you all the time, showing you the process through pictures. Full payment for these special Mandalas will be done once the Mandala has been completed.

More questions? Drop them here