It is more of  a getting together and painting together than a workshop, really. I am only here to share with you the tips and tricks that I have found out during the course of my own symmetric, patterned, detailed and colourful journey and I am here to learn from you too. We all possess creativity and can translate it in different tones, angles, lines or curves. Mandalas, in combination with colour play, have given me space to express my creative voice and I always rejoice in sharing the process of this art.

What to expect: some music, some tea… We will chat, and laugh while we allow our hands and fingers get super colourful. You might maybe experience some moments of frustration when its just not turning out the way you want it to. But I am sure you will experience many moments of satisfaction, moments of little victories… Painting colours, repeating patterns, illustrating a vision and bringing this ‘flower’ to life has something very meditative about it. It offers a kind peace. It can get deep, people.

I prefer sharing the experience with you than babbling about it. Talking about the magic of Mandalas is a topic I love, so this could go on for hours.

The aim is to create a flow, to go with it and allow it to grow.

Write all your questions here 🙂